How To Understand That You Have Been Infected


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How To Understand That You Have Been InfectedSome months later after penetration of a virus into a human body, its immune system starts developing to it antibodies, they are easily taped by the laboratory analysis during research of structure of a blood. If the laboratory result raises any doubts, delivery of the analysis repeats approximately in three months. All obtained data of results of the analysis remain in the strictest secret and aren’t told anybody, only if the patient didn’t grant permission for it.

The virus gets into a human body generally by allowing mankind to survive that is thanks to proximity of floors. Also many infections occur through a blood transfusion and from mother to the baby.

The infected people have a male most large number of a virus in a blood and semen, at women – in secretory discharges of vaginas and in a blood. That who has more than one partner is subject to the maximum risk, and also doesn’t avoid casual sexual contacts.

Earlier, infections with a virus occurred through a blood of sick HIV of the person. There was it at injection of an unchecked blood or thanks to the reusable badly processed medical needles and tools. Because of refusal to use disposable syringes for injections, the risk of infection at drug addicts is so high today.

As for infection of children with a virus of immune deficiency, all infections occur or “upright” in development from mother to a fetus, or at the birth and at bringing up by breast milk.


Lucky Chance Of “Healing”


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Lucky Chance Of  "Healing"The recovery facts from virus AIDS are still unknown to scientists, anyway today this disease either comes to an end tragically, or gets a chronic form. But nevertheless without any exception from rules didn’t manage.

Timothy Brown could stabilize the state thanks to that made two bone marrow transplantations from the person with congenital immunity to HIV. It is considered that the mutating cells settling in immune system of this patient, managed to suppress a virus, as gave it the chance to stop drug intake. By the way, action of a virus still wasn’t shown, however, it doesn’t mean at all that HIV is completely eradicated; possibly, he so far for a while “hid” (as he is able to do it) and will return back with new forces. Only – whether he mutates too?

To the following patient from the United States of America, also it turned out to get rid of drug intake, but for this purpose it hadn’t to do very difficult and even very dangerous operation (the mortality at transplantation of marrow makes 30%). Scientists simply experimented with its genes. On special technology it was made, impact on the patient’s leucocytes, as a result they began to develop a protein which blasts CCR5 gene (changes of this gene and allow people to become unreceptive to HIV). Experiment turned out and the patient recovered, however some more subsequent attempts of treatment of other people didn’t lead to success. Scientists think that the first patient has, most likely, each his second gene of CCR5, was already with a mutation that made performance of a task simpler.

Are There Any Other Ways of HIV Transmitting


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Are There Any Other Ways of HIV TransmittingIt is possible to declare with confidence that for today any new ways of diffusion of a virus of immune deficiency it isn’t established though the mythology concerning its opportunities is developed widely.

HIV isn’t capable to be transferred in life neither through handshake of arms, nor through embraces. Human skin despite the visible softness and pliability is a very reliable barrier to a virus. However you shouldn’t sweep aside such opportunity as it can quite occur if arms of partners are wounded, but such ways of infection, meet extremely seldom. HIV is also not transmitted through the general subjects and through bedding, it isn’t capable to live in environment at all – it is lethal to it.

It is possible to claim quietly that the virus isn’t capable to be transmitted by the insects sucking a blood, after all we (remind) a virus doesn’t live out of a human body. Besides, insects, inject under a skin of the person a blood of the previous victim, and the saliva. In order that occurred irreparable, the mosquito has to sit down on the open bleeding wound, itself thus, has to be chock-full filled with a virus carrier blood, and it on this wound have to crush, then fear will be justified.

The immunodeficiency virus also can’t live in water therefore it can’t be caught in a sauna, a bathtub, the pool and a bath. But you remember that sexual intercourse without condom in the pool won’t salvage from infection.

It is necessary to be afraid of nothing, all contacts including kisses with sick HIV people won’t lead to infection. It is necessary to be careful only of those contacts that are interfaced to a blood, and also intimacy without application of a condom.

How HIV Is Treated


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How HIV Is TreatedIf in the person HIV is revealed, therapy which gives the chance to constrain destructive work of a virus and other associated diseases is prescribed to him, and even to cure many of them. At therapeutic treatment of HIV apply the following:

  • Preparations which make direct impact on a virus, on its vital recurrence and on its ability to breed (drugs against viruses)
  • Preparations the accompanying illness HIV allowing to treat
  • The preparations preventing emergence and development of the accompanying pathological infections (preventive therapy).

Whenever possible, the infected HIV of the patient, try to start treating much earlier, but not then when AIDS already develops. It becomes because even in case of lack of symptoms of a disease, the virus gradually blasts immune system of the person. As a result, the treatment begun in time, will allow the infected person to feel much longer in a good form.

Besides, this treatment prevents emergence and development of the accompanying infections and malignant tumors. Now it is developed and the large number of drugs which have opportunity to slow down, sometimes for quite long term development of HIV is applied. If to use all these drugs separately, they cease to influence a virus, it loses sensitivity to a preparation and ceases to react to it. If to combine drugs, using them together in a certain sequence, development of a virus can almost be stopped, this way is called anti-virus therapy.

HIV Varieties: Assumptions About Its Origin


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HIV Varieties: Assumptions About Its OriginThere are two types of a virus of immune deficiency – HIV/1 which appeared initially among a chimpanzee and HIV/2 which came from a small monkey from Africa. These kinds of a virus have some more subspecies, but for today the most aggressive and lethal is HIV/1.

As it happened that the virus managed to pass from a monkey to the person today already nobody learns, but almost all scientists hold the opinion that there was it in the thirties the last century, and it is possible because some African tribe ate a chimpanzee.

Very first from infection cases which were documented it is recorded in Congo in the capital of the country Kinshasa. It could be identified in the kept sample of a tissue (1959). Illness managed to fly over Atlantic, and next decade, the American teenager from the State of Missouri died of it, researches showed that it to all appearances was “the boy on a call”. The teenager in 1969 died. 1977 was marked by that the virus developed in Europe, here from AIDS the seaman from Norway A. Noye died.

There are some signs that AIDS was in Europe after the end of World War II, at that time the wave of children’s death from pneumocyst for some reason swept, it is a fungus which can strike only those people at whom immunity is weakened. Such infection with a similar form of pneumonia – obviously means that the patient was sick with AIDS. The Dutch researcher came to a conclusion that, most likely epidemic came from the port of Danzig, from where it dispersed across all European territory.

HIV Infection Manifestation With Meningitis & Encephalopathy Symptoms


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HIV Infection Manifestation With Meningitis & Encephalopathy SymptomsThe virus of immune deficiency can be shown by all clinical symptoms of meningitis:

  • The strong fever lasting from three days to one week
  • The strongest headaches
  • Vomiting
  • Survey taps an inflammation of deep layers of sclera of eyes, inelasticity of muscles of a nape, pharyngitis
  • In assays of cerebrospinal fluid the augmentation of amount of protein and the abnormal maintenance of lymphocytes is found.

There are some descriptions of the acute period without presence of symptoms of meningitis which is shown only by the changed composition of liquid of a spinal cord. The meningitis provoked by HIV in a good-quality form proceeds. Separate alienations after illness are presented by an encephalasthenia and last no more than half a year.

There are patients at whom in an acute stage of HIV encephalopathy symptoms are looked through, thus at them is observed:

  • The increased delicacy
  • Depression of the memorable functions of a brain
  • There is disorientation and cramps
  • Temperature doesn’t rise higher than 37.5°C.

The appeared signs of a lesion of a brain either disappear, or develop into HIV encephalopathy.

Still two-three percent of patients, in the acute period, have a purpura which is characteristic bleeding from nasal passages, hypodermic hemorrhages. Besides, bleeding of gums can begin, and women have uterine bleedings.

HIV Effect On Lymph Nodes And Lungs


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HIV Effect On Lymph Nodes And LungsAt some people affected with HIV infection, the disease can proceed with an acute stage of an inflammation of lymphatic glands. Thus the main implications of the acute period will be the following:

  • Illness smoothly begins, but also acute emergence of symptoms is possible
  • There is low temperature accompanied with a feverish state
  • Intoxication isn’t strongly expressed
  • It is smoothly enlarged peripheral lymph nodes, and that are on back part of a neck and a nape, will react also submandibular, inguinal and a little later located under mice. The enlarged glands don’t cause morbid reactions, they remain soft and aren’t too enlarged in the diameter, are elastic.

Symptoms are shown throughout four weeks, sometimes and a little longer. The inflammation of lymphatic glands can continuously proceed, or stop after an acute phase. Implications can sometimes proceed more than half a year, developing into a lymphadenopathy.

There are descriptions of cases of implication of diffuse pulmonary diseases and pneumonia, as one of implications of an acute course of HIV. Thus symptoms following:

  • A feverish state with a low temperature
  • Dry tussis, with impossibility to clear the throat, a dyspnea
  • Objective symptoms of pneumonia
  • The roentgen also shows pneumonia.

The lesion a virus of lungs to last about a month, and these symptoms (intensifying of pulmonary drawing) are taped by a X-ray later, how the patient coped with the first phase.

Description of a clinical picture of acute phase HIV


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Description of a clinical picture of acute phase HIVIt is no secret that sick HIV for the professional help, address to physicians not always, and therefore the disease most often remains outside a field of vision of doctors before implications of incapacity of immunity. The diagnosis of HIV is never made at once, it can put only in some months, and maybe several years when in a picture of the blood taken on the analysis antibodies to a virus of immune deficiency are found.

Clinically HIV can be shown approximately in three weeks after infection, but symptoms of illness will be absolutely not unambiguous, being shown by all symptoms of the known diseases which aren’t bound to HIV. However some of these symptoms nevertheless force to suspect an immunodeficiency, especially if the person is in group of risk. Symptoms of acute phase HIV it:

  • Rise in temperature, a maximum to 39°C, followed by the increased release of sweat
  • Emergence of sore throat, reddening of a pharynx, formation of pharyngitis, tonsillitis
  • Emergence of an eruption and ulcers on mucous tissues of a mouth and throat
  • Implication of morbidity of joints and muscles, headache
  • Augmentation of lymphatic glands, especially that settles down on a neck
  • Augmentation of a lien and liver
  • There can be rash, and even on palms and soles
  • All listed signs are shown against the general intoxication of an organism

At blood test a little enlarged quantity of leucocytes is taped, but their number is in norm limits, also the moderate lymphocytosis is observed, thus indicators of an ESR remain in balance.

Primary Manifestations Of HIV


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Primary Manifestations Of HIVThis period can be regarded, as already actually HIV infection. At this time there is an intensive synthesis of a virus in a human body, the immune system starts forming primary response to its introduction, developing antibodies to a virus and being shown by not specific clinical symptomatology which is expressed in development of cumulative reactions of leaders to an immunodeficiency and various secondary diseases.

At an early stage of HIV proceeds without any signs, reaction, similar to implications of flu, which is followed by temperature increase, tussis and so forth, is occasionally possible. In general, any clinical changes and symptoms which are formed at an immunodeficiency, at this stage aren’t shown. To understand the person is infected or not, it is necessary to make blood test on existence of antibodies to a virus if virus is present at an organism, antibodies will be surely.

As soon as in blood serum there were antiviral antibodies, this phenomenon says that the period of incubation came to the end and there came the period of the disease. Here it is necessary to understand how there is a development of antibodies. If antibodies are made continuously, these are the last stages of illness, in the started state if short turns, appearing and disappearing, with the improving picture, this onset of the illness. It is quite possible that such situation simply represents wavy process of a reproduction of a virus, from here and an incidence of development of the antibodies operating against protein forms of a virus and reproductions of new populations of a virus of immune deficiency.

Are There Ways Not To Catch AIDS?



Are There Ways Not To Catch AIDS?One of the most well-tried remedies of protection against AIDS is the condom. Researchers made observations over steams living in various countries; the infected patient was one of members of each couple. Among traditional couples which were 123, HIV didn’t manage to be transmitted to any healthy partner, and condoms at contact were used constantly. At 120 couples where use of a condom wasn’t continuous, ten percent of partners, negative to a virus, caught. At augmentation of number of examinees, to 170 couples, from those who constantly used a condom, 2% of healthy partners and at those who periodically used it 15% caught. Anyway, these testing show that a condom rather important tool for prophylaxis of HIV.

AIDS is capable to be transmitted not only usual sexually, but also during oral sex, it is possible if the healthy partner in a mouth has ulcerations or wounds. Strong risk to receive a becoming infected appears during anal contact, in this case, during sexual intercourse there is a trauma of a mucous surface of the rectum intended as it is known for other purposes, similar injuries frame the most favorable conditions in order that the virus instantly got into a blood of the person.

And so, we come back by the beginning of our article which began a question what to do not to catch HIV? The answer one – it is obligatory to use a condom, the most effective remedy of protection against penetration of a virus into a human body.